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walked downstairs and drove
myself home." – JT
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Find male birth control and a choice of pain-free, affordable vasectomy procedures at Long Island Vasectomy Centers in Smithtown.

Vasectomy is the most reliable and risk-free form of birth control available. Now, new technologies enable surgeons to perform the procedure with no pain, sometimes even without making an incision.

At the Long Island Vasectomy Centers, we've also streamlined everything surrounding the procedure to make the experience as comfortable as possible – you can have your consultation and procedure performed by an expert surgeon on the same day in one appointment that takes under an hour.

Since we specialize in vasectomy, we're able to charge a price that puts the procedure within reach of everyone, even men with high-deductible insurance plans or no insurance at all.

Our highly experienced, skilled surgeons perform all types of procedure and have particular expertise in the two newest, pain-free techniques:

  • Pro-Vas™, the "Scissor-Free" Vasectomy
  • The "No Needle, No Scalpel" Vasectomy

Our office is located at 285 Middle Country Road, Suite 207, in Smithtown. We’re open Monday – Saturday, and can accommodate your need for an early morning or evening appointment.
Call us at 866-481-2517 today to learn more. We can always find a time and day that’s convenient.